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Uncle Steve Funt

Steve Funt Today - before he banged his head!Uncle Steve Funt 1960sThe versatile Uncle Steve Funt - counselor, Indian drummer, ventriloquist - is one of the four men who are responsible for the rebirth of SGF.

Uncle Steve was both a 1960s/1970s counselor as well as one of the leaders at the 2008 Overnighter, and is a member of the SGF Club Board, working to rebuild our camp. Many of today's SGF Board members once were Uncle Steve's campers and, by their account, he was one great counselor. We're lucky to have him.

"Since my first time as a camper in 1961 until my last time as a counselor in 1973, SGF played an important part in my life. I looked forward to going to camp every summer. The people and the experiences had such a positive effect on my life that to this present day whenever the letters SGF are mentioned, I come alive with excitement and great memories! I think about the counselors I looked up to as a kid, the campers in my bunks when I was a counselor, and all the people I worked with while I was a staff member.

HOF counselor sealAfter my recent visit to the property, it upset me to see what has become to many of the buildings and some of the grounds that was once SGF Vacation Camp. That's why I am thrilled about this SGFVC website!

On a personal note, I want to thank Scott Kleiman, Spencer Glass and Alan Saionz for having the spirit and the ability for getting this website started. It now gives everyone a chance to locate old friends and share their feelings and stories about this great camp. Hopefully in the near future another reunion can take place. It's been quite a while since the last one."

But look at that picture of the 1960s Uncle Steve Funt (upper left). Could that Adonis be the same Uncle Steve that we know and love?

The Many Faces of Uncle Steve Funt
Hall of Fame Camper and Counselor 1961-1973, 2008

Uncle Steve Funt
Uncle Steve Funt Uncle Steve Funt
Uncle Steve Funt
"You lost your wallet where?"
Uncle Steve pounds it out on his authentic Lenni Lenape blue drum.
Uncle Steve's trademark 1960s white socks.
Uncle Steve the Candy Bully. "Get out of the way, you kids!"

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