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Aunt Lainie (Elaine Forman)

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One of the highlights of each SGF encampment in early '50s was the last (evening) swim. Because SGF wanted its campers to go home with dry swim suits, we swam naked at the last swim - "buck bathing."

And buck bathing always meant that as dusk came and we were running and jumping around with our shiny little asses, a car with would roll slowly down the hill until its lights illuminated the pool area. "Aunt Lainie's here, Aunt Lainie's here," everyone shouted and jumped into the pool. And then Aunt Lainie would emerge from the car and walk slowly around the concrete pool apron while we excitedly watched. That was more than some little eight year-old libidos could stand.

No matter that Aunt Lainie was already married to Camp Director Uncle Marty Forman. The heck with Uncle Marty; she was ours for that small moment in time. She was beautiful, always smiling and full of personality. The pictures on this page attest to that. Even after almost 60 years, I still carry her face in my mind's eye. Click on her main image to see the real deal.

Aunt Lainie is no longer here. I suspect that this is her listing; Uncle Mel could confirm.

ELAINE B FORMAN 17 Mar 1931 - 16 Jun 1997

But she created excitement for a generation of underprivileged Jewish boys back in the day. Bless her, wherever she is.

Aunt Lainie - Better Than a Hall of Fame Counselor

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Aunt Lainie.

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