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Uncle Herman Tannenbaum

Herman TannenbaumHOF counselor sealUncle Herman Tannenbaum was born with both Troop 95 and SGF in his blood. Herman's father Martin Tannenbaum was a president of the SGF Club, and both Herman and his brother Charles were Eagle Scouts in Troop 95. Herman has been a Troop 95 Scout, an SGF camper and SGF counselor.

Besides inheriting his father's face, Herman absorbed Martin Tannenbaum's love of Scouting and SGF. He is encyclopedic about our camp and the people who leveraged their visions and talents into what SGF became. Because many of those older SGF-ers are gone, Herman has reluctantly inherited the mantle of "SGF Patriarch," although he hardly has a speck of gray hair.

After going to college where he finally learned to spell "school," Herman now is Vice-President of Sales for Komar Alliance, a leading supplier to the sewn products industry, representing Coats, the largest and most respected thread manufacturer in the world and "official thread supplier to SGF. "

Herman Tannenbaum - "He's a corker with lots of vim."

The Many Faces of Uncle Herman Tannenbaum - Hall of Fame Camper, Counselor and Eagle Scout

uncle hermam
uncle herman
Herman Tannenbaum
Herman Tannenbaum
Uncle Herman, age 8.
Uncle Herman age 13
Uncle Herman - 1967
New kid in Troop 95.

Uncle Herman - 1972
Grows hair and sheds baby fat.
  Herman's Merit Badge Martin Tannenbaum  
Uncle Herman's Merit Badge submission -
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The late Martin Tannenbaum -
Father of the Flame.

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