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Uncle Mark Blass

Mark BlassHOF counselor sealHow does one get to be a Hall of Fame Counselor with only six nights of SGF counseling experience?

1) Be SGF's only Medicare-insured counselor; 2) Love SGF; 3) Be the SGFVC webmaster. Control of the media is power.

Uncle Mark was an SGF camper from 1951 to 1956 with one year (1953) off to attend Golden Slipper. His favorite SGF activities were wading hikes, candy drop and dreaming about Camp Council after Taps. His favorite counselor was Uncle Allen Harberg; it's hard to think that he was just a teenager because he was such a positive influence. Because Uncle Mark didn't have summers off during college, he never had the opportunity to be an SGF counselor; that's why he sneaked through the HOF "back door."

After college and serving as a military advisor in Vietnam (sustained by his SGF wading hike experience), Uncle Mark had two successive careers: international manager in the chemical industry and website developer.

Uncle Mark has power-napped in 25 countries; his proudest lifetime achievement is being able to nap anytime, anywhere. Don't try that without a doctor's supervsion.

"If SGF was a camp for underprivileged kids, I wasn't aware of it. I felt like a million bucks there, had a great time every year and am grateful for what SGF gave me."

The Many Faces of Uncle Mark Blass - Hall of Fame Camper and Counselor

Herman Tannenbaum
Herman's Merit Badge mb vietnam
Martin Tannenbaum
Uncle Mark - 1951. First year at SGF.
Uncle Mark - 1956. Last year at SGF.
Uncle Mark - 1969. About to go on a wading hike. Thank you, SGF.
Uncle Mark - 2007. Too much napping can be harmful to your scalp.


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