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Uncle Myles Kauffman

Myles KauffmanHOF counselor sealUncle Myles Kauffman has been one of the sparks behind SGF's rebirth. At the SGF 2008 Overnighter, Uncle Myles was the indefatigable counselor of many faces, outfits and talents - and the kids ate it up.

When he doffs his cloak, Uncle Myles becomes "Myles A. Kauffman, Esq." child advocate attorney. Uncle Myles has two children – Austin, who was a Blackfoot at the 2008 Overnighter, and Kasey. He also has two Chihuahuas named PJ and Buster. Uncle Myles enjoys motorcycles, fitness and playing with his kids.


The Many Faces of Uncle Myles Kauffman -
Hall of Fame Camper, Waiter and Counselor

Myles Kauffman
Myles Kauffman Myles Kauffman
Martin TannenbauMyles Kauffmanm
Uncle Myles
preparing for the 2008 candy drop

Uncle Myles
giving the shirt off his back (literally)

Uncle Myles bleeds SGF

Uncle Myles' flaming skivvies
Myles' pride and joy "Waiters 1974"

O'Myles and O'Neal

O'Myles and O'Neal - Separated at birth
Thanks to O'Spencer for spotting the likeness

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