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SGF History

First Overnight Camp for Underprivileged Jewish Kids to Have a Website

Can you believe it? Long before the advent of the popular Internet, SGF was the first overnight camp for underprivilged Jewish kids to have a website.

The site was programmed by the SGF Bunky News staff under the guidance of computer guru Uncle Steve Funt during four two-week encampments. Campers created the site on punch cards which ran on a University of Pennsylvania Univac mainframe. Only 37 university and government computers were even able to view our website, but here is proof - the only remaining picture of our camp's pioneering technical prowess. No wonder so many SGF-ers went on to greatness.

Click on the TV screen to read the actual 1969 Online Bunky News - just as it was back in the day.

Online Bunky News 1963 online bunky news 1963

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