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Uncle Aaron Newberg (Dr. Aaron Newberg)

Uncle Aaron NewbergHOF counselor seal

Uncle Aaron Newberg was a camper at SGF for four years starting in 1948 at age 12. During his camper days, Uncle Val Udell was the camp director.

When he turned 16, Uncle Aaron became an SGF counselor. Uncle Dave Charles was his co-counselor and Marty Forman was the camp director. After four years as the nature counselor, Uncle Aaron left SGF to workat a camp in the Poconos.

He became an SGF Board member until the camp closed.

Uncle Aaron has been a pediatrician since 1964 and is still in active practice on a part-time basis He is married to Gail Newberg and has two married daughters and four grandchildren.


The Many Faces of Uncle Aaron Newberg - Hall of Fame Counselor and Camper

Uncle Aaron 1961
Jeck, Newberg and Shorr Uncles Harry Pure and Aaron Newberg Aaron and Gail Newberg
Uncle Aaron as camp doctor in the Poconos. Click to see him standing with is mother. >>
With Uncles Saul Jeck and Moish Shorr. >>
With Uncle Harry Pure. Note that Harry is standing on a chair. >>
Uncle Aaron grinning from ear to ear. Easy to see why. Mrs. Uncle Aaron (Gail) Newberg. >>

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