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Uncle Alex Shay

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Before we totally ban the words "iconic counselor" from this website, we need to profile one more of the 1960s greats, Uncle Alex Shay.

Here is Uncle Alex's story in his own words:

"I am still alive! After graduating from Temple University, I was a very confused young man, with no idea what I was doing here in this world. At the age of 24, I encountered a 13 year old boy, who spoke of 'Knowledge.' I have been practicing this knowledge for many years, and I am still enjoying it today.

Most of my life has been spent traveling around the world. I have been to 38 countries, and around the world many times during the years. I was able to see the similarities between people rather than the differences. I was able to see that every person wants the very same thing, to be content.

In 1986, I decided to try my hand at real estate, and have been dealing in luxury property since then.

It was a complete surprise to me to find the link to this site in my e-mail. I looked at the pictures of Joe, and Lemon, and Neal, and Hoff, and Soz and Boozie, and Wally, and everyone else who I just forgot to mention. It’s very nostalgic, like something that happened in another life. What I can’t understand even now, is how all you guys look exactly the same."

You may also catch up with Uncle Alex at his website and/or blog or on Facebook.

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