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Uncle Bob Cohen

Uncle Bob CohenHOF counselor seal

Famed Indian tracker Uncle Steve Funt tracked Uncle Bob all the way to Virginia and coaxed him to come to the first Briarwood reunion. Uncle Bob says that "It was wonderful seeing some people I hadn't seen in 40 years."

Uncle Bob was both a camper and a counselor. "I remember my highlights to be with Uncles Soz (still having beard even back then), Boozie (I remember him really cool, with long hair), Skins (a big jovial guy who wore overalls), O'Neal, Lemon, Barry Brait, the Shay brothers (who called me "coco butt"), Wally Loeb (who drove me to the 30th Street Station to get a train back to DC after the Briarwood reunion) John Flanagan, Marv Webber, and Art Sanders (Rocket Man). There was even a counselor from England (Graham Jobson), who stayed at my house in between sessions (remember they were called "trips"...prettty funny for the '60's). I also recall an Uncle Tap and Levi, the meshuga."

"Myles Kauffman was the only camper I remember when I was Kickapoo counselor with Jack Enco. It was great seeing him at Briarwood. I also remember going to the Orchard View bar for food at night when the campers were asleep, buck bathing the last day of camp. I'm sure that would be illegal today. Candy drops, and the color wars were highlights (one was themed 'Spartans vs. Athenians;' all those contests were great)."

"I remained good friends after SGF years with Steve Funt, along with other SGF-ers Jack Enco, Marc Haas, and Alan Henkin. I grew up on Devereaux Street off of Roosvelt Blvd. I got married, moved to Bensalem for 10 years, and then to Virginia, near Washington, DC, where I've lived since 1989."

Bob has worked for a large international medical device company, Medtronic, since 1980, first as a biomedical engineer for nine years, then selling cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators since 1989.


The Many Faces of Uncle Bob Cohen - Hall of Fame Camper and Counselor

Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob Uncle Bob Cohen Uncle Bob Cohen
Uncle Bob before he was re-programmed by SGF.
Uncle Bob at an awkward age. Remember the Shay brothers - Bob - then put that second donut back in the box.
Uncle Bob about 1969. Click the thumbnail for more. He's the one on the left with the 69 shirt giving bunny ears to John Morantz. The kid in the dark tee-shirt is Louis Carr. The counselor might be "Uncle Tap."
Uncle Bob - Northeast HS 1972. Should that face have been a counselor? What were they thinking?

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