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Uncle Boozie (Robert Klein)

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Following his legendary SGF counseling career, Uncle Boozie turned his attention to psychology. We're not sure that he even knew how to spell "psychologist" in those days, but he sure became a good one.

Uncle Boozie is one of the co-founders and a partner in GKSW/CGA. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University, a Master of Education degree in Group and Social Processes from Temple University, a Master of Social Science Research/Social Psychiatry degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and a Doctor of Philosophy candidacy certification in Social Science Research/Social Psychiatry from the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Uncle Boozie is a Licensed Psychologist and a certified Psychodramatist.

Uncle Boozie has been published in the Proceedings of the Eagleville National Drug/Alcohol Abuse Conferences, the Journal of the American Society of Training and Development and the Proceedings of the National Drug Abuse Conference. He has also taught at the Community College of Philadelphia and is certified to teach various courses for the National Institute for Drug Abuse and is a certified as a trainer for the Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Uncle Boozie's work experience includes:

  • private practice of individual, couple, group, and family counseling and therapy
  • training and consultation services to international groups such as the U. S. Peace Corps
  • training and organizational development work in the private sector industry and public health care organizations
  • training and consultation in clinical, administrative, and management skills to a large number of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities
  • serving on advisory boards to hospitals, schools, and health care agencies

According to a Guestbook posting, Uncle Boozie "will offer discounts for anyone with post-traumatic Phlebus disorder."


The Many Faces of Uncle Boozie - Hall of Fame Counselor

Uncle Soz
Uncle Soz Uncle Soz
Uncle Soz
Uncle Boozie's post office picture. The fifth face on Mount Rushmore.
Uncle Boozie flosses with a noodle between courses.
"I'll turn around if you'll stop singing."

"No, I'll stop singing if you promise to not turn around."

Separated at birth.

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