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Uncle Bruce Heiman (Bruce Hamilton)

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Bruce Heiman Hamilton is living proof that not every old SGF-er actually gets old. Bruce was part of SGF - both as a camper and later as a counselor - during the '60s and '70s.

Bruce is an Emmy award winning television and radio journalist. He first realized his broadcasting dream while in high school in Philadelphia, working as a disc jockey, helicopter traffic reporter and radio newsman. Bruce was also behind the microphone at radio stations in Albuquerque and Tucson. He made the transition to television news while in Arizona and moved to Orlando as the primary anchor for WESH-TV. Bruce eventually returned home to Philly to be the main anchor for the NBC affiliate, KYW-TV. Wanting to be closer to his children, Hamilton came to Jacksonville in 1997, as the main anchor and managing editor for ABC 25. When the station was sold he joined The Morning Show at Channel 4 - The Local Station. That program has since become the number one morning show in Northeast Florida and South Georgia.

In addition to his Emmy award and several Emmy nominations, the Central Florida Press Club and other journalistic, civil and religious institutions have honored Bruce for his outstanding reporting and community service.

Along the way, he has engaged in exclusive White House interviews with Presidents Bush and Clinton, as well as conducted one-on-one interviews with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. Hamilton has covered major political races and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. This enterprising journalist has reported from breaking news spots around the world; covered numerous space shuttle launches and landings; and even flown with the Navy’s Blue Angels.

While happy to be living his dream in the world of broadcasting, and known for his ability to bring context, perspective and focus to the news, Bruce is most proud of his four sons, Jeff, Steve, Greg , Tim and our dog Marley.

Bruce sent this message to his SGF friends:

SGF was a major part of my life. As a camper and counselor I developed life-long friendships and forged relationships that were significant in making me the person I am today.

As a camper there are so many vivid memories. Uncle Harvey Rubin playing guitar on the back steps of Bunk 5 singing songs that were signatures of the turbulent 60s; playing softball and hoping to be like our counselors by sending a ball rocketing toward the Taj; boating on Lake Lou; campouts; swimming; playing basketball in the rec center; and bribing our waiter to get a little extra food (especially vanilla pudding and ice cream). And of course the best part was I got to enjoy these activities with my brothers Bob and Pete as well as my fellow campers. And of course there was winter camp. It was special and surreal to see a snow covered Ridge.

As a counselor it was my chance to give back and make sure the next generation of SGF-ers had as a good a time as I. One of the perks of coming up to camp to set up early was scoping out a more comfy hospital bed and dresser of drawers to make it through the summer. I loved the kids and reliving all the experiences that I had as a camper, only this time thru the eyes of the kids in my bunk. And, on the nights we weren’t on O-D or sticking around to tell the kids scary stories we’d play pinochle at the old Farmhouse or go to Lamb’s Tavern out by Ursinus. Steve Funt, Jack Enco, Bob Cohen, Marshall Davis, Al Henkin and so many others – you’ll always be my SGF brothers.

Cheer for our camp boys! The SGF spirit lives on in all of us. SGF wasn’t a parcel of land in Collegeville. Uh-uh!!! It’s us.


The Many Faces of Uncle Bruce Heiman - Hall of Camper and Counselor

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