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Uncle Hoff (Paul Hofstein)

Uncle SozHOF counselor seal

Hall of Fame Counselor Uncle Hoff spent a good portion of his youth as part of the wild 1960s SGF staff. Uncle Hoff first attended SGF in 1963 as a CC Boy. “The group of counselors I met that summer were the most crazy, wild, outrageous, zany and enthusiastic guys. They showed me how to cut loose and just have fun.”

SGF memories from 1963- 66:

  • Canoe trip as a CC Boy with Uncle Maverick down the Wading River, bypassed the pick-up point and wound up in a bay of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • In1965 dressing as Thor & running for Mayor of SGF.
  • Overnight with Uncle Walt at the Perkiomen Creek and the Tarzan rope.
  • Basketball games, softball & swim meet with other camps.
  • Painting the word "sucks" after Shalom on the Camp Shalom sign (there is still an unserved warrant for Uncle Hoff's apprehension).
  • Counselor of Cabin 8 in 1966 “Summer of the Waiters." I was Hanna in 1966.
  • Nights on OD, (the funniest story of all is too long to write).
  • I was one of the Indians at the ceremonial campfire who did the firefight.

"Endless memories, I miss those days."

Uncle Hoff was graduated from Overbrook H.S. in 1965 and Penn State in 1969, and spent most of his career in the equipment finance business. What does that mean?

He and Beth Sobelman Hoff, whom he married in 1970, live in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Uncle Hoff and Mrs. Hoff have a married daughter Rebecca and a son Joshua who is a Navy Corpsman stationed overseas.

Thank you, Uncle Hoff, for making a difference to your campers,

The Many Faces of Uncle Hoff - Hall of Fame Counselor

Uncle Hoff
Uncle Soz Uncle Soz
Uncle Hoff
Uncle Hoff - 9th grade. The best day of his life - except for when he met Mrs. Hoff.
Uncle Hoff - 12th grade.
Uh-oh - should have stayed in 9th grade. Maybe a moustache would help.
Uncle Hoff -
1965 SGF Staff.
"Endless memories,
I miss those days."
Uncle Hoff with Mrs. Hoff. Who got the better of that deal?


Camp Shalom

The cops still want Uncle Hoff after more than 40 years.


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