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Uncle Mel Drukin

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Uncle Mel has been a lifelong educator. His dedication to children extended to his love of and work with the campers and staff at SGF. He began as a camper at SGF in 1946. He advanced to the role of a counselor and eventually became Unit Leader. Following discharge from the Army, having served as a medic in Korea from 1953 through 1955, he became Executive Director of SGF from 1956 through 1962. Uncle Mel then joined the Board of Directors where he served the Camp board until it was dissolved by the Federation of Jewish Agencies in the late 1970's.

Uncle Mel spent 35 years in education, first as a science and biology teacher, then as principal of Swarthmore Elementary School. He became Assistant Principal of Haverford Jr. and Sr. High Schools (not at the same time!) and for 13 years served as principal of Haverford Sr. High School.

Once Uncle Mel retired from the school district in 1990, he began a private enterprise, College Network, where he worked with college bound students helping them find the best college match for their abilities.

In addition to College Network, Uncle Mel spent 19 years as an adjunct professor at St. Joseph's University's School of Education.

Another area that kept Uncle Mel busy was as a Mediator with NASD (National Association of Security Dealers).

Uncle Mel married Marilyn (nee Lichtman), whom he met when she was a counselor at Camp Council and Uncle Mel was the Director of SGF. This was a summer romance between SGF and Camp Council. They have been married for 45 years!! Their son Jeff is an athletic trainer and physicial therapist; he is married and has a son, Benjamin. Their daughter Stephanie obtained her MBA and is taking time off to be a full time wife and mom to children Monica and Zachary.

Being a Zayde is one of Uncle Mel's greatest joys! Uncle Mel continues to live by the SGF motto, "Make it Better!"


The Many Faces of Uncle Mel Drukin - Hall of Fame Counselor

Uncle Mel
Mel Drukin
Mel Drukin
Mel Drukin
Uncle Mel from South Philly
1947 or 1948.
Uncle Mel the following year.
Uncle Mel in the early '50s
Uncle Mel in the early '50s
Mel Drukin
Mel Drukin
Aunt Marilyn Drukin
Uncle Bob
Uncle Mel in the early '50s
Uncle Mel, SGFVC Camp Director, at the 1962 Troop 95 Dinner.
What makes Uncle Mel smile - Aunt Marilyn Drukin.
Uncle Mel today. Don't let that white hair fool you.
Mel and Marilyn Drukin
Marilyn and Mel Drukin

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