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Uncle Saul Jeck

Uncle Saul JeckHOF counselor seal

When I was an SGF camper, they sang this verse:

There once was a doctor by the name of Jeck
Fell in the well and broke his neck
Served him right because he should have known
Tend to the sick and leave the well alone

...and a doctor he did become.

From his official poop sheet, Uncle Saul was is now Professor and Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He received his D.O. from the Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1957. He completed his internship at Metropolitan Hospital and his residency at Parkview Hospital, both in Philadelphia. Dr. Jeck has been honored with the AMA's Physician Recognition Award (1987) and the ACCOG President's Award (1983) and Outstanding Service Award (1980), the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Service Award (2003), the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame Award, the Dean's Appreciation Award (2002-2005), the Physician's Assistant Studies Service Award (2003) and the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching (2002). He is a four-time recipient of the Delaware Valley Hospital Distinguished Teaching Award, and was honored by the Zeta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Phi Honorary Osteopathic Service Fraternity (2007). He served as Program Chairman of the PCOM Continuing Medical Education Conference on Women's Health Issues in April, 2007.

Best of all, though, Uncle Saul was a terrific counselor, alway made us laugh. I never forgot him and was pleased to meet him in person more than 50 years later.

Although I can't see it in his pictures, I remember Uncle Saul having a five o'clock shadow within an hour after reveille. Could that be so, or did I dream it?

The Many Faces of Uncle Saul Jeck - Hall of Fame Counselor

Uncle Bob
Uncle Saul 1951 Mel Drukin Saul Jeck and Mark Blass

Uncle Saul from South Philly 1949...

Uncle Saul 1951. Doctor Jeck.
What a treat to meet one of the all time great counselors (but to see that he has more hair than you do).

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