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Uncle Spencer Glass

Spencer GlassHOF counselor sealMy one regret with regard to my SGF years was that I never became a counselor. After my year in Bunk 9 with Frank Becker (not one of my favorite counselors) I was informed that you had to work as a waiter before becoming a CIT. That was definitely not for me, hence my last summer at SGF in 1974. Today, looking back, I think I would clean the mess hall floors to be at SGF again.

So, anyway, at 14 SGF ceased to exist in my mind. It was only years later, reminiscing with my brothers that I found out it closed for all intents and purposes in 1978. I would visit the grounds 2 more times before really returning when I met, by happenstance, my all-time favorite counselor, Steve Funt at a professional development meeting for teachers.

Next thing you know, Steve, myself, Alan Saionz (former bunkmate) and Scott Kleiman found ourselves taking a tour of the old campgrounds. It was a mystical feeling for all of us. If you just stood still and listened you could see and hear all of those kids running and playing, having the time of their lives (including myself). I decided at that point, SGF needs to return…some way…somehow…

In late July, last summer, part of my wish came true. Though it was only a long weekend, it all came pouring back, and I did become that SGF counselor. (see around the site for details)

My best year at SGF was undoubtedly Kickapoo with Steve Funt. My best friend was Kenny Goss. The mud fight still lingers in my memory. I cherished the Macabbean / Color War games. Here I found I could be an instrumental part of a team without being that great in team games like soccer and softball. I won first places in diving (1 ½ flip), and underwater swimming. I co-wrote the color war song with Graham the English guy to the Beatles, Let it Be. At SGF I became so competitive that when some kid fell under the car during the VW pull I hollered at him unmercifully to get up!

I remember fondly, the boating counselor telling our female Camp Council visitors to go out on the lake with me. “He’s better in the water than on the land.”

My dream, “with a little help from my friends” is to bring all that back and more to today’s kids. They can use an SGF just as much as I did. Counselors I remember fondly: Steve Funt, Graham ??? (guy from England), Dane Cherry, Mitch Miller, Craig Handfinger, and Marshall Davis and Murray Kramer doing skits!

The Many Faces of Uncle Spencer Glass
Hall of Fame Camper and Counselor

Uncle Spencer Glass with Uncle Alan Saionz
spencer glass
Uncle Spencer onstage
spencer's bar mitzvah
Uncle Spencer Glass with Uncle Alan Saionz.
Little Uncle Spencer.
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Uncle Spencer onstage as Henry, Dear Henry. Look at those little pixie feet.
Seen at Fleets.
spencer mom and dad
Uncle Spencer's hairdo.
Uncle Spencer at the Candy Drop
spencer glass
Both of Spencer's parents were seven-footers.
Uncle Spencer's SGF hairdo.
Uncle Spencer at the Candy Drop.
When not bleeding SGF, Uncle Spencer teaches in the Philly School District.

Spencer Glass - Postcards from Camp


These postcards to "Mom and Dad Glass" offer rare insight into 11 year-old Uncle Spencer's brain. Click on each thumbnail to read the enlarged cards. Original spelling as been preserved. He probably left his "diskshinerry" home.

06/28/72 - "...and we had to pass a real hard deep water test and I passed and Mike didn't. I went boating and dinner stunk (we had sickning spagetti)."

06/29/72 - "The head counselor gave our bunk a Playboy puzzle and were not aloud to tell anybody. Tommorrow were gonna give it to him at the flagpole in front of the whole camp (she's got about a 46 bustline)."

07/07/72 - "In our bunk we now have a psych-light and it puts you to sleep in 10-15 minutes."

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